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Growing Businesses, Healing Hearts

Dr. Peggy's Latest Books

Your Guide to Business Success and Inner Healing Digital Product

Have you been having problems in your business and you have done all you can to make things work - you have joined more networking groups, posted more on social media, etc, and nothing has worked. That is because the problem isn't professional, it's isn't academic - the problem is spiritual and the need for inner healing.

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A Biblical Perspective On Free Masonry: Why No Man Can Serve Two Masters

Uncover the Truth. The goal of this book is to share truth with love and compassion, not only for Freemasons and Eastern Stars but also for their families. This book does not focus on what I think or feel about these organizations. Its focus is on what the Bible says. Through my research and writing, I shed light on the biblical perspective regarding secretive organizations. This book is born out of a desire to prevent others from facing a similar fate and to guide them toward spiritual clarity and salvation.

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I am Finally Free

This is Dr. Peggy's book that she uses in her 8-week Biblically-Based Inner Healing Course. This book will assist you in learning skills that will help you transform your life from one of emotional pain to internal peace.

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You Aren't Alone

Are you in emotional pain and don't know how to overcome it?

Are you a people-pleaser, saying yes when you want to say no?

Do you pour yourself out into everyone and find that you are burned out?

Are you in church leadership and you are struggling with internal issues and you need healing, but you feel as if you can tell no one?

Are you dealing with unresolved church hurt or unforgiveness?


We Walk with You

Get The Support You Need

Dr. Peggy Pugh has accumulated almost fifty years’ experience in church service. She has worked with people in church service from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds over the years. She has supported ministers; some in healing from past traumas and also has mentored others.

Our Services

Peggy Pugh Ministries Inc. is a ministry dedicated to empowering Christian business owners in identifying, healing, and transforming from past hurts so that they can thrive in their business and personal life. We do this this by offering prayer support, breakthrough business strategies, biblically-based inner healing, and deliverance ministry.

​Our ministry scripture is found in Isaiah 61:1 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me Because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the afflicted; He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and freedom to prisoners…


We assist Christian business owners in recognizing their heart wounds impacting their business offering deeply insightful healing and deliverance ministry, which leads to business breakthroughs and personal transformation.


We help individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others, and use that information to guide thinking and behavior, and manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or achieve personal goals


We provide life coaching for pastors, allowing them to decompress and find a safe space for healing.


Join our free community where you can connect with like-minded Christian women, eager to continually grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally around the topic of inner healing and deliverance ministry. Our dynamic community is designed to foster an atmosphere of prayer, growth, and mutual support.

Join our free online community, EmpowerHER today!

The importance of emotional healing for Christian women is immense and far-reaching. By embarking on inner healing, we open ourselves to a deeper experience of God's love, enabling us to radiate His light and transform the lives of those around us. As we heal, we not only impact ourselves but also our families, churches, communities, and generations yet to come. Let us walk this path of healing together, supporting one another and trusting in the power of Christ's redeeming love.


❤️from clients

"Dr. Elliott-Pugh did a phenomenal job explaining everything that had to do with personal deliverance or assisting during one. She simplified the types of spirits there were, their character traits and behaviors, what causes a person to have to go through deliverance, and how to maintain one’s deliverance. On November 10, Dr. Elliott-Pugh took me through an unforgettable deliverance experience. my soul that had been abused, molested, tormented, and confused is now whole. I am now able to walk in my purpose. If God can do it for me, He can surely do it for you."   -LaPorcha Vaughne | Minister, Kansas City

Business Consults and Ministry Clients

Our Partners

Mission Africa

Please partner with us in raising money for women in East Africa who need a scholarship for inner healing and deliverance ministry.

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