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Partner with us in raising $20,000 for women in East Africa. Your $150+ contribution will provide essential financial support for these women to access biblically-based inner healing counseling.

Biblically-Based Inner Healing and Deliverance 8-Week Virtual Course

"The spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor; he has sent me to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound."  Isaiah 61:1

 Inner Healing Course 

I want you to first know that I see you, I know you. I have been where you are. In my life, I have experienced great emotional pain. The same God that healed me is the same God who will heal you.

You are in the right place, my friend.  

This Biblically Based Inner Healing and Deliverance Course is the perfect place for you to experience freedom and victory from your past hurts, trauma, soul ties and emotions that are holding you back from living the abundant life Christ has for you.​

This course is for you if you want to learn more about inner healing and deliverance for your own personal or spiritual growth and/or if you want to learn how to build skills for future opportunities to minister inner healing and deliverance to others. 

Sign-up today for my 8-week virtual course on Inner Healing and Deliverance. I will assist you in learning the skills you need to transform your life from one of internal pain to internal peace and teach you the system and processes needed to maintain your healing

Let's Walk in Victory!

Realign your life with the truth. β€‹

God has placed both spiritual and physical laws into His creation and they both impact our lives. We can find that through his creation. Love is central to all He has done throughout time.  

When we realign ourselves with the truth of the Word of God, we find that love, forgiveness, mercy and grace are there for us to access as a part of our healing. We apply these truths to our root issues, and they lose their power in our lives. 

Let’s Walk In Victory! β€‹

The Cross has won us the victory over anything that we can face in this life. 

Victory is available to us RIGHT NOW.

It is through the experience of Inner Healing that our hearts can be healed and we can come to experience this freedom and victory.

 It's time to change your   life. It's time to start   your journey.

In our 8 weeks together we will discover: 

πŸ’œ The Christian Foundation for Inner Healing

We will explore what the word of God says about inner healing, focusing on Isaiah 61:1. Did the woman at the well receive inner healing? Did Paul? What role does the Cross play in Inner Healing? What are the differences between secular counseling, biblically-based inner healing and deliverance ministry?​

πŸ’œ Inner Healing

An Issue of the Heart and Soul: What Roles Do the Heart and Soul Play in Biblically Based Inner Healing? The soul is made up of the mind, the will, and the emotions. All three of these components are involved in the healing of one’s soul. 

πŸ’œ Inner Vows

What is an inner vow? How, why, and when are they made? 

πŸ’œ Soul Ties, Familiar Spirits, and Generational Curses

Understanding, identifying and breaking free from the each one. 

πŸ’œ The Biblically Based Inner Healing Session

Our one-on-one private inner healing where we can work together to break free from your hurt and pain.

 How we are   different 

Integrated Healing: Unlike traditional counseling methods, we offer an integrated approach of prayer and counseling. This dynamic combination guides you towards a life filled with fulfillment and purpose in Jesus.​

Flexible Scheduling: We understand that life can be hectic. That's why we work with your busy schedule to provide professional and confidential consultations, ensuring you receive the care and support you need.​

Unlock Your Potential: Our mission is clear: to help you break free from the limitations that hold you back. Through heartfelt conversation and prayer, we address the issues that hinder you from reaching your full potential and embracing your God-given purpose.

Experience Transformation: Inner healing aims for a renewed mind, a restored heart, and a transformed life. Take the first step toward this transformation with a consultation focused on Biblically Based Inner Healing and Deliverance.

​During this video consultation, Dr. Peggy extends a safe and supportive space for you to share your unique journey. Whether it's spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical challenges you face, she will explore how her services in Inner Healing and Deliverance can guide you towards your healing.

​Expect life transformation in the name of Jesus, along with complimentary training opportunities to enhance your journey. This consultation is your chance to learn more about Inner Healing and Deliverance with Dr. Peggy Pugh Healing Ministries.

Book a Free Call

Embrace on Your Healing  

Journey Today

Every journey begins with that pivotal first step. Take yours now by booking your paid sessions with Dr. Peggy, where you'll dive into the core issues that have been obstructing your healing. Dr. Peggy is here to be your guide and pillar of support. As you draw closer to Jesus, your friend and ultimate source of restoration and freedom, she will lead you through the process of Inner Healing.​

Spiritual Guidance: Through the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Peggy offer a unique blend of counseling, prayer, and biblical wisdom. This combination equips you with the tools needed to heal and conquer the deep-seated issues in your life.​

Spiritual and Emotional Restoration: She specializes in Christian inner healing, exclusively tailored for those seeking spiritual and emotional restoration through Jesus Christ. She provides unwavering support, prayer, and scriptural guidance, helping you surmount challenges and address emotional wounds that may be obstructing your connection with God.​

Transformation and Liberation: This transformative journey involves the essential elements of forgiveness, renewal, and spiritual growth. It leads to liberation and a profound deepening of faith in Jesus as well as Inner Healing for every person who embarks on this path.​

Break Free from Spiritual Bonds: If you find yourself under spiritual, emotional, physical, or financial attack, or if you're plagued by feelings of hopelessness or being cursed, Dr. Peggy is here to help. She can assist you in identifying and breaking the spiritual bonds that have been holding you back, paving the way for newfound freedom, purpose, and hope.​

Start Your Journey Today: Schedule your *Sessions to set you on the path to healing and freedom. Schedule your appointment now and take that vital first step toward a brighter, more liberated future.​

*There is a fee for these sessions. Reach out to Dr. Peggy to learn more about your 3 Inner Healing Sessions.ο»Ώ

Book a Free Call

Our ministry is self-sustaining, receiving no external support from churches or organizations. Standard rates for counseling usually starts at $150 or higher per 50-minute session. 

For those with limited financial means, we offer a sliding scale fee structure based on your total household income, ensuring affordability and access to our counseling services. 

This scale helps you determine the appropriate session fee based on your financial situation.​

Monthly Gross Pay Contribution:

Less than $2000/month $105

$2000 - $4000 / month $130

More than $4000/month $150

What You Receive

Two personal sessions with me

Private Zoom sessions


Private FB group.

Class size is limited

This 8-week virtual training course is coming soon.

❀️Course Teachings

All course teaching is based on the Word of God, which encourages, loves, disciplines, edifies, and sets those free those who are experiencing emotional pain. β€‹

Skills are needed to be able to show compassion and care.​

Prayer is central to the entire process.

Mission Africa

Please partner with us in raising money for women in East Africa who need a scholarship for inner healing and deliverance ministry.

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