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The Seer and the Seer Prophet Webinar

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The Seer and the Seer Prophet Webinar

Do you see or hear things in the spirit realm and when you share it, people have discounted your experience?​

Would you like to learn the 7 indicators of one used by God in the Seer or Seer Prophet gifting?​

How do you share what you are seeing or hearing with church leadership?​

Every prophet is a seer. Not every seer is a prophet.​

I will answer these questions from a biblical perspective and teach on how to activate these gifts.

❤️from clients

“Everything starts with the head, the pastor. I needed healing and deliverance. Dr. Elliott began to take me through some healing and deliverance sessions. There was stuff that came up that I had buried, that I had totally forgotten about, that I thought I was over. The sessions freed me up so that I could become transparent with the congregation, who then, too, began experiencing healing and deliverance through Dr. Peggy’s ministry.” -Brian Herron, Pastor

Mission Africa

Please partner with us in raising money for women in East Africa who need a scholarship for inner healing and deliverance ministry.

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